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London Sitting

We highly recommend this for all dogs who feel more secure in their own home, especially older dogs and puppies, or dogs that are on medication.

For puppies your sitter will be able to continue with toilet training, basic obedience training and house rules. With all elderly or poorly dogs she can administer basic medication, cook for specific dietary requirements, and maintain your dogs routine. Most importantly she will be a constant caring companion while you are away. We guarantee that your dog will love all the personal attention! Your sitter will also be able to provide you with updates and you will be able to contact her at any time to check how your dog is. 

There is the added benefit too that your sitter will be extra security for your home while you are away. 

The cost includes looking after up to three animals in your home.
Cost: £45.00/24hrs sitting. No minimum stay

Evening dog sitting
For the dogs that we regularly walk, we are happy to dog sit for the evening while you go out, if you are concerned about leaving your dog. This can be arranged as and when, but there is a minimum stay of two  hours.
Cost: £15.00/hr. Minimum 2 hours. 

Emergency pop-ins
Stuck at work? Most of our walkers live nearby and so we can help on a last-minute basis if you need your dog fed, watered and walked around the block to give you peace of mind.
Cost: £15/hr (minimum call-out charge of £8.00)

Please call Ivana for any enquiries related to our sitting service on:
07723 381204

Please note that with all the boarding and sitting services, priority is always given to the dogs we regularly walk.
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