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One-to-One Walks

Our 60 minute individual walk
In this hour your dog will be walked on their own. This is useful if your dog doesn’t particularly like the company of other dogs, if he needs to be kept a very close eye on for exceptional reasons, or if you have a new puppy that needs short walks for socialisation, toilet training, and controlled play.
Cost: £15.00 for 60 minutes for one dog

We will try to give your dog as much time as we can in the park during the hour, but if you live more than a 20 minute walk from the nearest park, then you may want to consider extending this one-to-one walk to 90 or even 120 minutes.

If you have more than one dog that you would like to go on this walk that is fine - please see below for details.

Our 90/ 120/ 150 minutes individual walk
Because these walks are longer, you can request that your dog is walked with another like-minded dog if you wish.
Cost: £18.50 for 90 minutes for one dog/ £22.00 for 120 minutes for one dog/ £25.00 for 150 minutes for one dog

Individual walk for two dogs – 60/90/120/150 minutes
If you have two dogs that you would walked together by an individual walker then this is the service for you. 
Cost: £18 for both dogs for a 60 minute walk, £20.50 for a 90 minute walk, £25.00 for a 120 minute walk, £28.00 for a 150 minute walk.

Complimentary long-lead walks / basic recall training
If your dog has not been let off the lead before, or is new to the area, we will assess him and, with your permission, try him on a long 10-metre lead. This way we can gradually build up his recall skills while having the security of being able to get him back. Our aim with every dog is that they become able to play and roam free while they are with us (so they really benefit from the exercise and enjoyment that our walks provide) and return to us when they are called.

Feeding, watering and towelling down is complimentary
For all of the walks detailed above we are always happy to feed, water, dispense medicine, and towel down your dog at the end of every walk if you wish. Most owners prefer their dogs not to bring the park into their home so towelling down on muddy days is a given! We just ask you to leave your dog’s towel by the front door. 

Dropping off at the vet or grooming parlour is complimentary
We are happy to drop or pick up your dog from the grooming parlour or the vet clinic as part of our service. We only have to charge if we stay for the duration of the appointment, which is more usual in the case of vet visits.

Complimentary K9to5 Club brass dog tag
On joining all dogs will receive a complimentary brass dog tag with our manager's mobile number on it. It is our policy to keep all dogs in sight at all times, but just in case your dog ever did decide to disappear after a squirrel in the wrong direction and then get lost, we can always be contacted, and our manager would also coordinate any search effort with all of our walkers who are also in the park. 

Evening dog sitting
For the dogs that we regularly walk, we are happy to dog sit for the evening while you go out, if you are concerned about leaving your dog. This can be arranged as and when, but there is a minimum stay of two  hours.
£15.00/hr. Minimum 2 hours. 

Emergency pop-ins
Stuck at work? Most of our walkers live nearby and so we can help on a last-minute basis if you need your dog fed, watered and walked around the block to give you peace of mind. 
Cost: £15/hr (minimum call-out charge of £8.00)

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