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Puppy Training

Our Pre - puppy sessions cover: 

  • An introduction to how your puppy thinks and learns
  • How to be a leader for your puppy
  • How to puppy proof your home
  • A guide to suitable toys
  • How to start off on toilet training
  • Establishing ground rules

Initial puppy training sessions cover the subjects above and: 

  • Greeting rules
  • Feeding rules
  • Toilet training
  • Learning about calming signals
  • Preparing your puppy for vet visits

and later in the park the sessions can cover:

  • socialisation
  • dog etiquette
  • recall and basic commands
  • lead training

You can book our trainer as little or as much as you wish. Ideally we recommend booking two sessions roughly one week apart so that the trainer can see the progress made after the first session and answer any of your questions and iron out any problems that may have arisen in the meantime. 

Training sessions can be booked through the office for evenings and weekends and they last upto 90 minutes long. You can suggest the areas that you are most keen to cover in advance.

At the end of the session you will be given homework! Obviously the more time and patience you put in yourself, the quicker your puppy will learn and the fewer sessions you will need with us, but we can arrange further training should you need it.

Our trainer is also happy to conduct a session with your children too as the puppy stands a much better chance of understanding what is expected of him if every one is giving him the same clear messages. This is why we also recommend that in households with permanent staff that we conduct a session with them too. 

Cost: £42 for a session lasting up to 90 minutes, with a 10% discount if you book more than 5 sessions in one go. 

Trainer / walker liason

As part of our service if your puppy starts walking with our company after he has been trained by us, our trainer will also instruct your puppy's walker, free of charge. This way you can be confident that everyone (you, trainer and walker) is giving the same messages to your puppy and your puppy can keep up the learning without you having to pay the cost of a daily trainer. Continual good behaviour is all down to consistency and understanding of your dog and where our owners have used us in this way we have always achieved our best results.   


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